Duterte's bloody war on drugs resumes

For FRANCE 24, April 2017

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson

MANILA, The Philippines_ Last month Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte resumed his brutal anti-drug crackdown — referred to by local authorities as “operation double barrel”. More than 8,000 drug users and dealers have been killed since the campaign began in July last year. 2,500 have been shot by police while others have been executed by vigilantes and criminal elements who have taken advantage of a climate of impunity.

Operations were put on hold in February after diplomatic fallout resulting from the kidnap and murder of a South Korean businessman by rogue police. At the resumption of anti-drug last month, officers pledged that the new campaign would be bloodless, but while at a lesser rate, the extra-judicial killings continue on. 

Despite human rights concerns and a growing number of accusations of criminality against President Duterte, the mercurial leader remains popular with the Filipino people. According to a recent poll, while 78% say they are concerned they may be caught up in the violence, 85% still approve of the drug war. Many believe that the bloody campaign is behind the drop in street crime witnessed over the last 12 months.

Jakarta Sinking: Rising sea levels threaten to flood the capital

For TRT World, February 2018.

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson.

The Philippines: Deadliest country for land defenders

For FRANCE 24, January 2018

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson

The Philippines was the world's deadliest country for land rights and environmental activists last year, according to a report released in December. Rights advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific recorded 61 deaths, many related to conflicts over mining and agribusiness. Those who resist big business often find themselves in the firing line of private security companies and state forces, this amid a growing climate of impunity under President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Asbestos Threat: Indonesia at risk of life threatening disease

For TRT World, April 2018.

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson.

Indonesia: Mob justice on the rise

For FRANCE 24, September 2017

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson

Painted village: Kampung Pelangi

For AJ+, May 2017.

Directed by Jack Hewson, produced by Lisa Thomas

Making it in Jakarta

For Monocle Film, March 2017

Directed and edited by Jack Hewson, produced by Louise Sinnerton

Indonesia’s bounteous resources make it the perfect place for entrepreneurs to set up camp. We meet four enterprising Jakarta residents, who tell us how they are taking advantage of the opportunities in this chaotic city.

Indonesia's Puncak drawing Afghanistan's Hazara minority as refuge

For TRT World, June 2017.

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson

Indonesia Anti-Radicalism: Former radical preacher now teaches peace

For TRT World, July 2017.

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson.

Indonesia's tolerance on trial as Christian governor faces blasphemy charge

For FRANCE 24, December 2016

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the Christian and ethnic-Chinese governor of Jakarta, began his trial for blasphemy last week for disputing an interpretation of the Koran.

Few imagined that the governor’s comments would result in a blasphemy charge when he made them in September but authorities have been pressured by hardline Muslim groups that have poured onto the streets of the capital in protest in recent months.

The trial is a devastating blow to Basuki’s chances of re-election in February.

The governor, who is popularly known as Ahok, is not the only one to feel the wrath of elements of Indonesia’s Sunni Muslim majority — a fortnight ago a Christian service was shutdown by hardliners in the West Javan city of Bandung, and church closures and religious “raids” often make local headlines.

Rights campaigners say that Ahok’s case is just a high profile example of a growing wave of intolerance observed in Indonesia over the last 15 years.

Jakarta Blasphemy: Governor charged for insulting the Quran

Jakarta governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama is being charged for insulting Islam. TRT World's Jack Hewson brings the latest developments.

Indonesian Ex-Drug Addicts Find Employment As Artisans

For AJ+, November 2016.

Directed by Jack Hewson, produced by Lisa Thomas.

Indonesian former drug addicts find work and a sense of worth in crafting wooden sunglasses.

Fighting Daesh: Indonesia arrests six suspected Daesh members on Batam island

Singapore on alert after 6 terror suspects arrested in Batam over plot to fire rocket at Marina Bay

Indonesia's plastic trash emergency — TRAILER

Directed and produced by Jack Hewson.

CIMAJA, Indonesia - Indonesia, the world's second largest plastic polluter after China, has introduced a levy on plastic bags, but many fear the measures will do nothing to address the country's biblical plastic trash problem.

Professional surfer Dede Suryana is used to riding the waves of his home town Cimaja, West Java. But while the waves are perfectly shaped, the water quality seems to get worse and worse. The most visible reason? The surge of plastic trash that flows out into the ocean.

Despite being a country of immense natural beauty, plastic trash visibly marrs Indonesia's land and waters. According to government data, Indonesia produced 64m tons of garbage last year, 15 percent of which was plastic waste. 

It is hoped the new levy will stem this flow of plastic waste, but with charges set as low as $0.02 per bag — many fear the levy will be ineffectual. With inadequate recycling services and the countries landfill sites approaching their capacity, much more needs to be done to avert Indonesia's plastic trash emergency.

Indonesia: Dozens dead as military plane crashes in northern island of Sumatra

Live report by Jack Hewson for FRANCE 24 on a military plane crash in Medan, north Sumatra

Indonesia Executions: Four executed for drug crimes

Live hit for Turkish news outlet TRT World about the execution of four drug convicts in Indonesia

Indonesia's Citarum River named in world's top ten most polluted sites

For FRANCE 24, December 2013

Directed by Anne-Sophie Pelligry, produced by Clea Broadhurst and Jack Hewson.

BANDUNG, Indonesia - The Citarum river has been named in the world's top ten most polluted sites, next to Chernobyl in Ukraine and the Niger Delta in Nigeria. 

In 2009, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced a $500m loan to rehabilitate the Citarum, but four years later it has yet to invest any of that money in water rehabilitation.